Let me  help you! 

It has been my experience  that you KNOW the material you are just misreading the question.  I am happy to encourage you and help you get over the hump and move into your fantastic real estate career  Sign up for a focused tutoring session today!
With 25 years of experience in real estate and having taught thousands of students, I count it quite an honor to assist you in preparing for the licensing exam. Each student learns differently; thus, I will begin your session with figuring out how you learn best which is a large part of preparing to pass the exam.

Many of my students suffer from test anxiety - they know the material and when they get to the testing center forget everything they know. I have a very nurturing personality and will review with you some ideas on working with test anxiety.  Having a learning difference myself (dyslexia) I know the tips and tricks to help make you successful.

Studying for the licensing exam can be overwhelming as there is so much information to remember! I will help you put your studying into an organized and concise method, so it is easy to learn.

You will be amazed at how tutoring for the licensing exam will help you. My favorite phone calls to get are from my students saying, "I passed the test!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?
Click the "Schedule Your Session" link below to see availability for your 20 minute introduction session.

How do I know if my session was successfully scheduled?
You will see a confirmation once you have scheduled your session. In addition, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive these, your session was not scheduled.

How much are private lessons?
The 1st 20 minute session is complementary to see if we are a good fit.     If we both feel that we are a good fit and want to proceed with the one hour private tutoring the fee is $50 per hour.

What material will you cover?
First we get to know you, your struggles, and study habits. We will then discuss particular tips, tricks, and also review material you are struggling with. I recommend that your session focus on national material unless you have spoken with me ahead of time. Keep in mind that a lot of the tips, and study tricks I teach you will be applicable to your Colorado portion of the exam.

What if I am ready to proceed for a 1 hour session?
Once we meet for the initial 20 minute session you will be given a link to schedule multiple sessions if you would like private tutoring. However, please note that the sessions will need to be broken up and cannot be booked back-to-back. I have found that sessions longer than 1 hour are not as efficient or beneficial.

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