Step Two
Complete Fingerprints and Background Check with CBI

Complete your background check requirement. This consists of submitting a set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. These fingerprints are used to conduct a state and federal fingerprint-based criminal history background check and assessment.

Options for Getting Fingerprints
Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) requires fingerprint transmission through a Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) approved provider. You have the following 3 options for choosing a provider.

Option 1: IdentoGo
IdentoGo centers are located across the state of Colorado and the US. You must schedule an appointment as walk-ins are not allowed.

Option 2: Colorado Background Applicant Services (CABS)
You may also get fingerprints from CABS. Additionally, walk-ins are not permitted and you must schedule an appointment through their website. Brokers must provide the following license code upon requesting an appointment. 

Option 3: Fingerprint Card with Electronic Transfer
If you are unable to locate a physical location near you or reside outside the state, you may use this option for submitting your fingerprints. If you select this method, be sure to use FBI fingerprint card FD-258.

Once your background check is processed, any discrepancies on your Colorado arrest record can be challenged and corrected by following the instructions located on CBI\'s website.

Step Three
Pass the Licensing Exams

Take and pass both the national and state portions of the Colorado Broker Exam at a PSI test center. You must answer 60 out of 80 questions correctly with a score of 75% or higher to pass the national section. Additionally, you must answer 53 out of 74 questions correctly with a score of 71.5% or higher to pass the state-specific section of the exam.

Step Four
Find an Employing Broker and Acquire Errors & Omissions Insurance

You must have a current E&O insurance policy in place before obtaining an active license.

Step Five
Apply for Your License

The Colorado Division of Real Estate uses online eLicense services for new licensees applying online for their broker license. Applications can take up to 10 business days from the time of receipt for the Division to process the request. The initial broker application fee is $485.00.

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